Five Things to do to Keep Your House Warm & Cozy in the Winter

1.    Buy/Make a draught blocker to keep the cold air from coming in under your doors and windows. They can easily be crafted with foam and fabric, and they’re also available for purchase at most popular hardware stores. Both options are inexpensive!

2.    Open your blinds when the sun is out. Even if it’s cold outside, letting the sun beat through your windows will help naturally insulate your home. It’s probably the most simple and overlooked solution. When the sun isn’t out, make sure to keep the blinds closed to help hold the heat inside your home. Also, consider buying thicker curtains to cover your blinds, as they will help keep any draft from your windows out.

3.    Make sure to keep all of your vents open so the heat can flow throughout your entire home. It’s easy to accidentally cover surface vents with furniture or other objects, but closing off your vents won’t benefit you in any season. Keep the heat flowing!

4.    Close doors in unused rooms. This will keep the heat you’ve already generated circulating in the living spaces you spend the most time in.

5.    Purchase an area rug, especially if you have hardwood floors. Cold air seeps through floors, but utilizing an area rug will help hold some of that air from rising up into the rest of the room.

There are many different approaches and solutions to help keep your home feeling as cozy as possible during the winter months. Making sure your home is properly insulated is extremely important, and incorporating these tips will help you maximize your comfort.