Realtors and Brokers

We are always looking to build beneficial, professional relationships with quality, hardworking Brokers and Realtors.  We look for properties with strong investment potential.  These could be REOs, preforeclosure, distressed sales or any situation with a high degree of seller motivation (job transfer, divorce, probate, reduction in employment, etc.).  If you are listing these types of properties or working with homeowners seeking a solution, then please contact us with details so we can perform our own deal structure analysis.  We would be happy to put in an offer directly with you.


As buyers, we can also help complete your tiring and aggravating short sales and get them closed. If you would like to learn more about how we can bring your short sale into our highly efficient system of getting short sales *closed* while keeping your listing commission intact, please contact us or call (301) 424-7001.

Realtors, brokers and investors should all be working together.  

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