Magnolia Property Solutions, LLC acquires and rehabs properties using private funds. Strong relationships with our investors enable us to move quickly and purchase homes for cash - a powerful strategy in today's competitive marketplace.

Some ways our investors have leveraged their funds for this unique opportunity include:

  • Personal Check 
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Residential Line of Credit
  • 401k / TSP Personal Loan
  • Solo-K
  • Self Employed Pension (SEP) 
  • Self Directed IRA (SD-IRA)

This is not an offer to sell securities.  Offers are only extended to those who qualify and to those who have a pre-existing relationship with the Company or its Manager.  If you are interested in potentially becoming qualified for future opportunities, you may fill out our Investor Qualification form.  There is no guarantee you will qualify or that there will be any opportunities.  

How investors feel about working with us:

"As a beginning lender to real estate professionals; my experience with Magnolia Property Solutions was enjoyable and professional in all aspects. I hope we can work together in the future."

-Gerald S. 


"Magnolia Property Solutions can search for the deals to match your finances, your personality, and general timeline. I’ve had outstanding success with them – tried and true!!"

-Nathan Tacy, Phillip Holdings, LLC


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