The Holiday Season is Here!


As the Autumn season comes to a close, it’s time to put away the pumpkins and bring out the mistletoe because the Holidays are here! 

Whether you live in sunny Florida or the winter wonderlands of Michigan, the holidays bring one thing to both places….guests. When preparing your home for the holidays, following the checklist below will help make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable.


    •    Make sure walkways and porches are free of ice and snow.

    •    Make sure all outdoor lighting is turned on and working properly.

    •    Add some extra room for coats and boots so there is less clutter.

Living Area

    •    This is the perfect time to get your carpets cleaned.

    •    Clean the windows so that your decorations can be seen inside and outside your home.


    •    Cleaning the grout can give a fresh look to a bathroom.

    •    Make sure the bathroom fans and windows work properly.

    •    Keep extra bath and/or hand towels in the bathroom. (Holiday styles never hurt)


The kitchen is the most used room durning the holidays and always a room of gathering so making sure it is free of clutter is the best thing.

    •    Pots and pans are put away.

    •    Appliances work properly and are clean.

    •    Have light decorations for the season to make the kitchen feel cozy.

Guest rooms

    •    Have fresh linens on the beds.

    •    Clear some closet space or a drawer to make your guests feel more at home.


- Happy Holidays!