How to Increase Your Homes Value

With the New Year right around the corner, are you looking to sell your current home? Not sure things are up to date? Here are some quick and easy ways to increase your homes value.


Add Lighting

Keep your home light an airy by adding new light fixtures. Each room serves a purpose, some more than one. It’s important to take that into consideration when choosing lighting. Recessed lighting is a good choice for a living room while wall sconces or a lamp are good choices for a bathroom or bedroom.


Replace any old carpets. Carpets create dust if not taken care of properly. If choosing to get rid of the carpets complelty, wood floors, or wood looking tiles are trending right now.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

There are many options for low maintenance landscaping but these are my favorite. Rock gardens, never have to be watered or tended to too much like other landscaping materials. Mulch, can break down to fertilize your plants and prevents weeds. Along with the rock garden, mulch doesn’t have to be mowed or watered. Both of these are easy to maintain and create a simple and clean look to the yard.

Fresh Paint

By painting the interior, you will be surprised with what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room. Keeping the colors light to make the space feel open and bright. If light colors aren’t your thing, maybe creating an accent wall for a splash of color.

The Kitchen

Update any kitchen appliances and cabinets as needed. This is where a good chunk of your budget is going to go. With some things, like cabinets, you can avoid the highest end items and features but don’t cheap out.

Refresh Bathrooms

Replace or add new fixtures. Since bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, keep the colors light for a bigger feel. Lighter colored walls with darker fixtures. Get rid of outdated tiles and wallpaper. Since bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, keep the colors light for a bigger feel.

Bye Bye Popcorn Ceilings

They outdate the home and give away how old they really are. Removing a popcorn ceiling isn’t complicated, but it is time consuming. You want to make sure you have the right materials and knowledge to remove it properly.

Check Electrical and AC/heating

This will probably be the most expensive. A well maintained air conditioner will last about 15 years. Replacing these items by the time they are 10 years old is a good idea if they begin to require repairs. By that time, they are money suckers and need to be replaced.

Remember keep it CLEAN and SIMPLE.