Hello Fall

When the autumn months roll around and the cool air begins to blow, it’s time to get the house ready. Decorating is the fun part of the seasons, right?! Some of the very best elements can be found in the details!

When decorating the front of your house and the porch area, there is two ways you can go about it; go big or go home style or clean and simple.


Just by adding a few hay bales and assorted pumpkins can bring the season to life. Add some flowers to have a pop of color and to top it off all, a season wreath on the front door.

It is easy enough to just go to Target or Michaels and buy yourself decorations. Wooden signs that say “Fall” or “Thankful”, ceramic pumpkins and fake flower bouquet. But a favorite decoration of mine is any I create myself, a do it yourself (DIY).


A more simple idea like putting twigs around a candle and maybe adding a ribbon could be a good starting point for someone new at diy. But for those of you feeling a bit more adventurous with your decorating, the mod podge leaf bowl is something for you. 

Feeling like doing some diy but not so creative? Taking big glass cylinders votives and filling them with acorns, fake leaves, and pinecones is another great idea and one I have around the house myself.

To top off all of your decorations you can NEVER go wrong with some fall scented candles.

Happy decorating ya’ll!