Home Staging Changes for 2016

Staging a home from selling has gone from feeling like a home, to feeling so stark and empty that it's hard to see yourself living there! I'm not sure when the home stagers decided that empty was wonderful but I predict a change.

Seaside Stripes

Home staging is going to find a unique balance between clean, styled, and still feels like home.


The reasoning behind going to stark and empty is so that the buyer can imagine their things in the home, but that's hard for people who aren't visual. They just see an empty room!

love this bedroom  -  A Plant Designer and DJ’s Easy-Going Brownstone | Design*Sponge

A happy balance applies to all buyers. One's who can dream up what the home would look like, and one's that done and want to see how someone else made it home.

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It's going to be interesting to see the change in home staging for 2016. I hope they realize what they are missing out on going so empty and cold.

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What are your predictions for home staging in 2016?