Market Price vs. Market Value

Do you know what the difference is between Market Price and Market Value?If old houses make your heart skip a beat, you're not going to be able resist these real estate gems. just recently posted a great article explaining this and I thought I'd take the time to briefly explain it to all of you!  Market prices is the number attached to the home that the owner has decided is worth the sale of their home. Now many things will come to play in this number like; a realtors suggestion, how much it's worth it for the seller to move, and a market value.

Richmond, VA   You can have the American dream of a white picket fence and a tiny house too with this small home, located in Virginia. There's a lot of room for personality in the recently remodeled interior, so get moving—we'd snap this one up in a heartbeat.  Location: Richmond, VA Square Feet: 740 Price: $80,000

A market value is researched information and numbers that calculate what the worth of the home might be. For example an appraiser, competing homes, seller and buyer demand really play a role in coming up with this "number".

How to Get a Home Appraised for Its Maximum Value

Do you know what your homes market value is, and if so, what would be your market price?