Understanding How To Sell to the Current Buyers

With the economy rising and the next generation ready to move forward, we are seeing younger home owners more often! Are you selling to the right crowd or are you stuck marketing for the past buyers?

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One of the most important things to do is market your home for the most current buyer. This generation of buyers is much different than what we have seen the past. Are you up to speed?

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This generation is familiar with what life is like when you spend all your time working and no time enjoying what you have. High end items are out and working with what you have is in.

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It isn't about having the best and living above your means. It's about picking what you enjoy and making it what you want it to be. You love huge windows and natural light, that's what you go after.

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Great kitchens have always been a trend and to some extent they still are. This generation is eating out less and staying in more. They are enjoying their kitchen but they want it to reflect that as well. Bright happy rooms with a touch of character seem to draw us in more.

Creative workplaces. Why do they always have one focal luxury that I don't -- huge windows/natural lighting??!

Most of us are working from home! We've figured out what a great savings it is, you get to be where you are investing most of your money into, and you have more time for family and events now that you aren't commuting! This generation is looking for a space we can easily place an indoor office.

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It's not about the square footage. It's about how you use it. Is there enough of storage? Are all my basic needs being met? Can I spend a majority of my time here and be happy? Those are the things current buyers are looking for.